DQ200 0AM Gearbox

The dry dual clutch 0AM gearbox for VAG vehicles, found mainly in the lower engine models the gearbox operates a dry dual clutch system which means the vehicles clutch is not wet in oil and is on the outside of the transmission. Older models of this transmission came in a 6 speed however the more common later models offer a 7 speed application. Packed inside a transverse operation with 4 gear shafts and a differential this gearbox is without doubt our number 1 repair in the workshop and has possibly been the longest application as it has developed over time and has been installed into a wide variety of vehicles from VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda.

An LUK double clutch is installed to these vehicle from the manufacture and like most dual clutch transmissions when they work and drive well oh boy do they drive well, they are very smooth with a seamless gearchange however when they go wrong it can feel like you have been driven into the back of with big bangs and bumps due to the mistiming of the clutch.

The internals of the gearbox are very much like a conventional manual gearbox however the gearbox is split into two odd gears on one shaft and even gears on another, backed up with the infamous Mechatronic unit the gearbox has many areas in which it can fail!

The clutch like normal manual cars can just wear out and once it falls outside of factory specified tolerances (its worn out too much) the vehicle will start misbehaving in order to tell you something is wrong, you might see a spanner come up in the same place that usually your gear display would be or you may have a delay going into the desired gear or your vehicle may just bang and smash into gear. All of these symptoms are not uncommon and we do see it on a daily basis.

Common repairs on this gearbox are Valve body repair, Clutch replacement and also internal gear fork failure, all of these elements of failure can be improved upon once repaired apart from the clutch, this is a like for like replacement and usually they do last for a decent amount of time before going wrong. With the valve body we can install a reinforced plate that will give a much more reinforced home for the accumulator to work and with our selector fork we are able to replace with an uprated selector fork after a slight modification is applied to the casing.

As this is an incredibly popular gearbox we have state of the art testing equipment and diagnostics tools to be able to get that first time fix we always look for.

If you think you may have any issues with your gearbox please feel free to contact us.

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