Suspected clutch or flywheel problem with your vehicle? Don’t worry, The Gearbox Centre can help with this too.
Our skilled service team will be able to provide you with a quote for the work that may need undertaking, in most cases using nothing more than your registration number.
We can manage the whole lifecycle of the repair for you in our state of the art facility.
Our experience in the gearbox and clutch sector of the automotive industry means we are well placed to keep your vehicle downtime to a minimum and you informed
of the best course of action to take every step of the process.

It is not only just modern vehicles that we can supply and fit clutches on.
As the market for classic cars grows we are being asked more frequently for classic clutches.
Over the years we have had a large host of classic manufactures grace the workshop from, MG, Bentley, Austin, Daimler, Datsun, Caterham, Morris, Triumph amongst many others.
Its nice to dust off the old tools and remember how simple cars and life used to be back in the day!

Things to look out for when your clutch is beginning to fail: High clutch pedal, clutch slipping (meaning the car revs but doesn’t have the normal amount of power), a horrible burning smell, a very soft clutch pedal or a clutch pedal that falls to the floor when pressing it down.

If your unsure you are more then welcome to give us a call at The Gearbox Centre!