DCT / DSG / Powershift Transmissions

The Dual Clutch Transmission or the Dual Shift Gearbox or even the powershift transmission are all transmissions that are a mixture between electrics, hydraulics, physical gears and an incredibly smooth gear change when they are working correctly.

There are two types of dual clutch transmissions, they all have two clutches. One will operate the even gears and one will operate the odd gears, this element of clutch control will allow the next most relevant gear to already be selected. This allows for better fuel economy and also a smoother gear change for the driver. One type of Dual shift gearbox is what we would call a Dry Clutch, this means that the clutch is external to the gearbox and is not submersed in oil. You will usually find these types on the smaller engine vehicles up to 1.6. The wet clutch gearboxes are submersed in oil inside the gearbox and will be found in larger engines.

The powershift gearbox operates a wet clutch set up however has a slight difference to it. The Gearbox is designed and built by Getrag and fitted mainly into Fords and some Volvo applications, the gearbox itself has the dual mass flywheel built internally into the transmission. This is its biggest failure, the plastics are springs that are used to damped the vibration from the engine crack and disintegrate. As the transmission shares the same oil the contamination works itself through the gearbox causing complete failure with either bumping and banging into gear or no drive at all.