Automatic Transmission Repairs in Kent

Automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK, with more of them on the road we are seeing an increase in these transmissions needing servicing and rebuilds. Fully automatic gearboxes come in many options from 4 speed even up to the most modern 10 speed fully automatic transmissions. Equipped with a torque converter the purpose of the transmission is increase comfort for the driver and perform smooth gear changes and improving fuel consumption.

At The Gearbox Centre in Kent we are advocates of prevention is better than cure. This comes in many formats, the first format is where possible service your transmission on a regular basis, this will increase the chances of avoiding a costly gearbox rebuild and will also improve the quality of your driving experience, the second is when rebuilding a transmission if there is a solution to reverse engineer a problem out of the transmission we will always do this to ensure that the issue does not happen again.

Automatic transmissions consist of a torque converter, gearset, valve body and mechatronic unit. All of these components make up what is a complex design, at The Gearbox Centre in Kent we have invested heavily in testing equipment to make sure we get it right first time before being installed into the vehicle, improving downtime and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We are also capable of sending units out to our trade customers safe in the knowledge they are going to perform as they should in the vehicle.

We repair and reconditioned all types of automatic gearboxes ranging from 4 speed gearboxes all the way up to the most modern 10 speed gearboxes. Feel free to give us a call today to find out how we can help 01795668080.